Dawid Liftinger (AT)

Dawid Liftinger explores sensory and synaesthetic states through hand built electronics harnessing the essential properties of light and sound across installations and performances. Flashlightinstallation #1 is an audiovisual installation which explores electronic flashes as an artistic medium, triggering color visions and disorientating the spectator. In this work Liftinger repurposes electronic flashes recycled from old disposable cameras, reworking photographic detritus into a new machine. Liftinger’s performance Sound and Light is a highly concentrated audiovisual performance which harnesses the frequencies of fluorescent tubes. Through a digital interface of software, Arduino and circuit relays, the fluorescent tubes are turned on and off, their sound recorded, replayed and amplified, whilst the audience sits in a circle around the tubes gathered as if around a bonfire.

Liftinger has shown work at Ars Electronica Centre and Festival (Linz), Austrian Cultural Forum London, Behördengang (Austria), Aglow Space (Taiwan), O’NewWall (Seoul), Böllerbauer (Austria) Born, Live, Die and Between (Seoul, Korea), Tenants Galerie (Taiwan), Medien Kultur Haus (Austria), and Mohsen Gallery (Tehran, Iran).

Dawid Liftinger

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Published on 28 Jul 2017