James Holcombe & Secluded Bronte (UK)

Against Cinema is an unfolding 16mm artists’ film project by James Holcombe in collaboration with Secluded Bronte (Richard Thomas, Jonathan Bohman and Adam Bohman) which abstracts and dramatises moments from the lives of UK inventors of early optical sound cameras including the Auricon Cinevoice, to explore hidden connections between sound, cinema, warfare, and human behaviour underpinned by religious concepts of failure. Taking positions against cinema: subverting technology and employing arcane photochemical processes to challenge perceptions of perfection in the image, Against Cinema is a comment on experimental cinema’s untapped industrial lineage, as experiences through the actions and readings of one of the UK’s most renowned improvising acts. James Holcombe presents a live iteration of Against Cinema in collaboration with Secluded Bronte.

Against Cinema

James Holcombe James Holcombe combines a deep material engagement with experimentations in the photochemical film process, with the chance outcomes possible through expanded projection and improvisation across both sound and image. Landscape romanticism collide with abstract handmade film techniques, and photochemical interventions often take the image to the verge of failure, obscurity and new meaning. Known for his single screen 16mm film experiments eliciting raw kinetic film energy, as well as his expanded cinema performances including Hair in the Gate, an act of paracinema using the artist’s own hair and spit as interference in the projector mechanisms James is one of the key figures worldwide toiling away in the artist film lab to find new innovations for material and philosophical analogue consortiums. James’ work has been exhibited throughout the UK and Europe including at the Serpentine Gallery, Tate Modern, as well as festivals and artist run spaces worldwide including Supernormal, Unconscious Archives and Cafe OTO. An integral organising member, James manages and teaches at the artist run film lab no.w.here, London.

James holcombe

Secluded Bronte (Jonathan Bohman, Adam Bohman & Richard Thomas) Secluded Bronte consists of Jonathan Bohman, Adam Bohman and Richard Thomas in an absurdist improvising formation of dubious instruments, left field actions, and accidental comic mishaps. One of the long running and respected acts of the London improvised music scene, Jonathan and Adam Bohman have been writing, recording and performing experimental music as The Bohman Brothers since 1975. Richard Thomas has been active as a composer, performer, broadcaster, writer since the late 1980s. Secluded Bronte formed in 2001, their work is conceptual and fuses text, concréte and abstract sounds. One critic dubbed it “music theatre from hell”. Their debut LP Secluded In Jersey City was recorded in New Jersey in 2002 but published belatedly in 2014 by the American label Pogus. They are currently working on a triple LP and the film projects Against Cinema with filmmaker James Holcombe, and Bronte Country with the artist Andy Holden. Four Perfect Balls, a collaborative LP with the violinist Panos Ghikas, is forthcoming on Migro Records.

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Published on 28 Jul 2017