Foxy Moron (UK)

Hannah Catherine Jones is a London-based artist, researcher, radio presenter, composer and conductor, and founder of Peckham Chamber Orchestra. Jones often performs under the pseudonym Foxy Moron, creating works that juxtapose ancient musical modalities (Mixolydian, Phrygian) with sci-fi timbres to produce what she calls ‘sonic antagonisms’. These ‘sounds in opposition’ are a vehicle for the artist to think through both the painful legacies of slavery and its continuing affects and effect, and also the conceptual possibilities of Afrofuturism – re-imagining the past whilst simultaneously looking towards the future. Foxy Moron performances are often sung in Zulu, reflecting the artist’s Caribbean/South African heritage and are understood by Jones as “a form of self-reparation – re-educating myself through decolonization.” - Liquid Architecture, 2017

In this special presentation of Owed to Bussa, Hannah will use theremin, voice and video to speculatively explore the disconnection of African slavery viewed through the lens of the post internet age.

Foxy Moron - Hannah Catherine Jones

Owed to Bussa from Hannah Catherine Jones on Vimeo.

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Published on 28 Jul 2017