Compositional Constructs

Sunday 24 September
Cafe OTO
18-20 Ashwin Street, Dalston, E8 3DL Venue info & listing


A live event showcasing the vibrant systems of artist made technology and performance interventions. Featuring Myriam Bleau (CA), Mariska de Groot (NL), Leafcutter John (UK), Dawid Liftinger (AT), and Franziska Lantz (Driftshift / Global Warming Records) - DJ. Plus a new text by Atau Tanaka features in the UA2017 festival programme.

Myriam Bleau presents Soft Revolvers - an audiovisual performance for four clear acrylic LED lit spinning tops - the motion data collected by sensors placed inside the tops informing the musical algorithms, strongly evoking turntables and DJ culture, hip hop and dance music.

Intrigued by the phenomena and history of optical sound, Mariska de Groot makes and performs comprehensive analogue light-to-sound instruments and installations which explore visual to aural principles updating media inventions from the past to create multi-sensorial experiences in light, sound, movement and space.

Electronic musician, inventor and teacher Leafcutter John explores microcosms of sound through instruments of his own making such as photo-sensitive grids controlled by bike lights and sparklers, precarious, home-spun Rube Goldberg-isms or glistening modular banks drawing upon the aleatoric beauty of natural systems.

Dawid Liftinger explores sensory and synaesthetic states through hand built electronics harnessing the essential properties of light and sound across installations and performances. Through a digital interface of software, Arduino and circuit relays, fluorescent tubes are turned on and off, their sound recorded, replayed and amplified, whilst the audience sits in a circle around the tubes gathered as if around a bonfire.

Franziska Lantz founded Global Warming Records in 2014, and since 2008 she has been producing DriftShift, a weekly radio show on London’s Resonance FM, from where she is regularly broadcasting her electronic music experiments into space.

Image: Myriam Bleau - Soft Revolvers, photo by Severin Smith

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Published on 29 Jul 2017