Marta Forsberg (SE)

Marta Forsberg is a Swedish composer, sound artist and violinist working in the field of installation art, drone music and free improvisation. Dedicated to creating an all embracing environment, Forsberg’s work extends the sensory realm through multichannel expansion and via light sculptures into a sonic visualisation.

She strives to create a space where everyone - both performers and audience - get a chance to be surrounded by the experience of being in the music. Spatiality and presence become important aspects of the articulation of the performance. In this way Forsberg wishes to shift the focus from the performing artist on the stage to a collective presence in sound and in the room.

In 2012 Marta Forsberg founded Konstmusiksystrar together with composer Lo Kristenson. A women and transseparatistic organisation working for equality in the Contemporary Music scene in Sweden.

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Photo by Nike Bergman

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Published on 28 Jul 2017