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RISC is a collaboration between video and sound artist Billy Roisz and turntablist, composer and video artist dieb13 aka Dieter Kovačič. Both have been active in Vienna’s electronic, improvised, noise music and experimental film scene since the 1990s. Billy Roisz’s work focuses on the links and gaps between visual and auditive perception, using various electronic devices, electric bass guitar, crt tvs, video projectors, synchronators and sometimes computer to generate sound and image. Known in the experimental scene as a creative lathe cutter, dieb13 brings to the fore turntables, linux code and cameras as his main choice of instruments within in performances and also his edition based releases. Billy and Dieter’s collaborative film works have been shown at Berlinale, Karlovary Film Festival, IFF Rotterdam, Hongkong Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival and SXSW Texas.

A concept, composition and improvisation - RISC is an ‘eclectic machine’ consisting of turntables, a self-built computer, electric bass, guitar effects, synths, touch noise generators, video projectors and synchronators drawing upon basic patterns consisting of seemingly automatic, unconscious and random actions and reactions. RISC has performed at Bienal São Paulo, Nya Perspektiv, 25FPS Zagreb, BAWAG Foundation (Vienna), Sonica (Ljubljana).

Billy Roisz Billy Roisz’s ability to translate experimental music into visual memory images reveals borrowings from minimal art and conceptual art. She specialises in feedback video and video/sound interaction by using monitors, cameras, video mixing desks, synchronators, computer, various electronics and a bass guitar for video and sound generating.

Her video works are distributed by Sixpackfilm (Vienna) and Lightcone (Paris). Her music was released on editionsMEGO (solo and as skylla) and Mikroton (The Elks, Cilantro, Scuba). She was co-organiser/programmer of the annual REHEAT Festival in Austria (2007-2015). Her current live projects are noisycolors and Bass & TV Dining (solo), RISC (with dieb13), cilantro (with Angélica Castelló), AVVA (with Toshimaru Nakamura), The Elks (with Kai Fagaschinski, Liz Albee, Marta Zapparoli) and kern/roisz (with ddkern). She has also performed with Ilpo Väisänen (ONA), Silvia Fässler (skylla), JD Zazie, Burkhard Stangl, Mario de Vega, Anat Stainberg, Michaela Grill, eRikm, Martin Siewert, Alvin Lucier, Lillevan, Radian and Metamkine.

Billy Roisz

dieb13 dieb13 (Dieter Kovačič) he’s been active in Vienna’s electronic, improvised and noise music scene since the 1990s. Solo projects have taken place as dieb12, dieb13, dieb14, bot, echelon, dieter bohlen, and permanent collaborations include RISC, efzeg, swedish azz, Phil Minton/dieb13, Nu Ensemble, crsp, and lanzriegler13. He is founder of the klingt.orgestra He has performanced in more than 30 countries on four continents at various international festivals and locations. Dieter produces and composes music for theater, dance, opera, film and video-productions and installations. He is the co-organiser of several festivals and the monthly Vienna based series Der blöde dritte Mittwoch. Dieter fabricates his own creative lathe cuts, and runs the internet platform actively used by a large spectrum of the Austrian experimental arts scene.


Photo courtesy of Dieter Kovačič

RISC @ nya perspektiv / Västeras / SE 07/17 from RISC on Vimeo.

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Published on 28 Jul 2017