Audrey Samson (CA)

Audrey Samson is an artist-researcher in the duo FRAUD̸. Audrey explores the forms of slow violence and necropolitics that are embedded in the entanglement of archiving practices and technical objects, and erasure as a disruptive technology in knowledge production. Audrey uses erasure of data as a performative strategy to examine the relationship between network materiality and forgetting. Her artistic approach, informed by the cultural context of technology, is ethnographical and rooted in software studies. Audrey’s work has been presented at festivals and galleries throughout the Asia Pacific, Europe, and Canada. FRAUD̸ currently resident at the Somerset House Studios, London. Audrey is a senior lecturer in Digital Arts at the University of Greenwich.

Goodnight Sweetheart is a data and device embalming service presented as a participatory installation where visitors were invited to rid themselves of data through a ‘digital data funeral’ for digital footprints and identities.

“Have you ever thought of erasing your entire digital footprint? All those selfies, archived emails, tweets, likes, check-ins, late night chat sessions…We never really know what to do with our old storage devices, hard drives, old phones full of our secrets, and sometimes, secrets that we have forgotten about ourselves, or at least forgotten their imprint. Because we are afraid of letting them go, because we are not sure we want to get rid of them, because we wonder what will happen to them, who would find them, and what would they do with them…we do not know whether or not our anxieties are justified, but we still have them.”

The digital data funeral is meant as futile ritual of erasure that reflects upon big data analysis and surveillance fueled by social networking sites, and the technological infrastructure of the network. The work is presented as an installation, a graveyard of embalmed. Other iterations of this project have included embalming workshops (using some of the so-called Snowden files) and data embalming performances.

Ideacritik FRAUD̸ Digital Data Funerals

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Published on 27 Jul 2017