Joel Stern (AU)

Joel Stern is a curator and artist based in Melbourne, Australia, who has been an active organiser, instigator and agitator responsible for festivals, publications, exhibitions, screenings and concerts within the Australian sound art and experimental film communities for thirteen years. Joel is the Artistic Director of Liquid Architecture, along with Danni Zuvela, an organisation which commissions and presents projects, festivals, performances, talks, reading groups, workshops, recordings and situations of the world’s leading artists working with sound. Joel is also the co-founder of OtherFilm, along with Sally Golding and Danni Zuvela, a collective that investigates the capacity of the ‘moving image’ to reorient perception through the staging of experimental, avant-garde and expanded forms of art. He is also founder of The Instrument Builders Project, an experimental collaborative project between Australian and Indonesian artists and musicians.

Joel’s musical performances manipulate and shape ‘noise’ material into extended forms that generate uncanny psychological and physiological resonances for the listener. His work incorporates DIY electronics, homemade / invented instruments, text cut-ups, field recordings and LED lights – configured and reconfigured in various generative and improvised arrangements. His numerous releases have come on labels including Naturestrip, MusicYourMindWillLoveYou, Negative Guest List, Breakdance the Dawn, Alberts Basement, Ground Fault, Impermanent Audio and many others. Joel’s key projects include Abject Leader (with Sally Golding) a duo widely recognised as leading exponents of contemporary Australian expanded cinema, and Sky Needle (with Sarah Byrne, Alex Cuffe and Ross Manning) a primitive music ensemble using handmade and recycled instruments, recently described The Wire’s David Keenan as “one of the most radically original and self-sufficient performance units in the world”.

Liquid Architecture


The Instrument Builders Project

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Published on 27 Jul 2017