Iris Julian (AT)

Iris Julian works at the interface of fine art, choreography and cultural science. After completing her studies in Art History (2005) she was Assistant Dramaturge and Assistant to the Artistic Director at Tanzquartier in Vienna, and received grants from ImPulsTanz (Vienna) and Austrian Ministry of Culture. Her current dissertation project at the Academy of Fine Arts investigates innovative forms of cooperation in the field of choreography. Iris’ projects have been shown at MUMOK (Museum of Modern Art, Vienna), KUBUS Valie Export and Galerie Knoll. The in/visible club culture project is a series of art interventions in public spaces that scrutinise the borderline separating everyday movements from choreography, focusing on various clubcultures. Based on choreographic patterns that experiment with slowness, stillness, and enlargement, Iris uses experimental sounds to find various forms of translations and embodiments.

For Haptic Somatic Iris will enact performance interventions for the ongoing series the in/visible club culture project. With dancer Sarah Blackwell.

The in/visible club culture project

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Published on 27 Jul 2017