UA2017 Exhibition Photos

UA2017 featured over 40 UK and international sound artists, musicians, composers, instrument builders, audiovisual artists, filmmakers, visual and transdisciplinary artists, DJs, radio broadcasters and writers, and over 50% female and non-binary artists, with artists participating from 7 UK cities and 8 international cities. Live performance events took place throughout London across Cafe OTO, Corsica Studios and Close-Up Film Centre, and the festival included an 8 week exhibition, Emotion + the Tech(no)body, at the Austrian Cultural Forum London.

UA2017 was generously supported by Arts Council England, Grants for the arts Austrian Cultural Forum London, and Austrian Federal Chancellery. With thank to our media partners The Wire, The Quietus and Resonance FM. And a massive thanks to our artists, audiences and community for making UA2017 an intensely inspiring event.

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+ Grab a gratis copy of Parsing Digital: Conversations in digital art by practitioners and curators our publication with the Austrian Cultural Forum London featuring Emotion + the Tech(no)body

Emotion + the Tech(no)body @ Austrian Cultural Forum London featured: Benedict Drew (UK) / Stephen Cornford (UK) / Audrey Samson (CA) / Graham Dunning (UK) / Christine Schörkhuber (AT) / Reni Hofmüller (AT) / Ulla Rauter (AT) / Theresa Schubert (DE) / Davide Bevilacqua (IT/AT) & Veronika Krenn (AT) / Nikolaus Gansterer (AT), Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll (AU/UK) & Christopher Haworth (UK) live event - The Restitution of Complexity / Conny Zenk (AT) live event - self[ie]DREAMER / Jamie Sutcliffe (writer, UK)

Header image: Ulla Rauter, UA2017, Austrian Cultural Forum London. Photo: Damian Griffiths.

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Published on 18 Nov 2018