UA2017 Press & Play Lists

“..a platform for women defying genres and breaking boundaries, raising the bar of opportunity for female-identifying and transgender artists internationally” - RESIDENT ADVISOR

“A titanic program for an extraordinary festival. The festival ends with as much genius as it opened.. - what a week!” - MAKERY

“ born of firm theory, original practice and creative performance; evokes ideals of a shared discourse and collaboration” - THISISTOMORROW

“Unconscious Archives Festival’s first step into the festival circuit has been a bold one” - THE LINE OF BEST FIT

LISTEN UP! UA2017 BROADCASTS The festival may be over but you can still check out tracks and interviews with the artists!

The Wire Magazine festival playlist featuring 18 artists including exclusive tracks

Resonance FM, Spools Out Radio #114 & #116 dedicated festival preview shows playing and discussing tracks by 17 festival artists

NTS Radio, Fractal Meat On A Spongy Bone #132 featuring Spatial’s new mix for UA2017

Roundhouse Radio, Electric Phonetics on-site in-depth discussion with 8 UK and Austrian exhibition artists

BBC Late Junction festival preview featuring tracks by Yaxu/Alex McLean and Marta Forsberg (sorry, listening has ceased)

The Wire UA2017 festival play list

Header image: Dawid Lifinger, UA2017, Cafe OTO. Photo: Ollie Paxton/Giguana.

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Published on 18 Nov 2018