Mariska de Groot (NL)

Intrigued by the phenomena and history of optical sound, Mariska de Groot makes and performs comprehensive analogue light-to-sound instruments and installations which explore these visual to aural principles in new ways. Her work often references media inventions from the past - updated with Mariska’s approach to using new artist built technologies to elicit multi-sensorial experiences in light, sound, movement and space.

Mariska studied graphic design at ArtEZ Arnhem and received her masters diploma at the ArtScience interfaculty in the Netherlands. She lives and works in The Hague and is board member of iii (instrument inventors initiative). In 2009/2010 Mariska received a Startstipendium from Fonds BKVB. In 2012 she won the BNG Workspace12 Projectprice and in 2014 she won the O68 Price for German/Dutch artists. For 2016/2017 she was granted with the Talent development grant from Creative Industries.

Her work has been featured at STEIM (NL), Ars Electronica (AT), Lab30 (DE), NK (DE), Atonal (DE), TodaysArt (NL), NCCA Moscow (RUS), NCCA Arsenal (RU), Centras (LI), CTM (DE), IFFR in Worm (NL), Atelier Nord (NO), Eye Filminstituut Amsterdam (NL), Mirage Festival (F), Fort Process (UK), and NIME London (UK).

Mariska de Groot

Photo by Ed Jansen

Steim Day Five : Radwald - try out from Mariska de Groot on Vimeo.

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Published on 28 Jul 2017