'film performance' articles

James Holcombe & Secluded Bronte (UK)

Against Cinema is an unfolding 16mm artists’ film project by James Holcombe in collaboration with Secluded Bronte (Richard Thomas, Jonathan Bohman and Adam Bohman) which abstracts and dramatises moments from the lives of UK inventors of early optical sound cameras including the Auricon Cinevoice in an absurdist improvising formation of projection, dubious instruments, left field actions, and accidental comic mishaps.

Esperanza Collado (ES)

Esperanza Collado is an artist-researcher whose work explores the philosophical vocation of cinema often through non-filmic forms, seeking critical and historical modalities around a possible ‘a-disciplinary’ cinematographic practice.

Foxy Moron (UK)

Hannah Catherine Jones aka Foxy Moron is a London-based artist, researcher, radio presenter, composer and conductor, and founder of Peckham Chamber Orchestra, creating works that juxtapose ancient musical modalities with sci-fi timbres to produce what she calls ‘sonic antagonisms’.

Jörg Piringer (AT)

Jörg Piringer is a media artist, musician, software programmer and poet who weaves complex onotological narratives, from the building blocks of single letters, computer code and expressions of his own voice.