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Marta Forsberg (SE)

Marta Forsberg is a Swedish composer, sound artist and violinist working in the field of installation art, drone music and free improvisation. Dedicated to creating an all embracing environment, Forsberg’s work extends the sensory realm through multichannel expansion and via light sculptures into a sonic visualisation.

Yaxu (UK)

Alex McLean aka Yaxu makes live broken techno using his handmade programming language TidalCycles - a technique called ‘live coding’ - has received accolades in the experimental and live club scenes. He co-founded Algorave, bringing live coding to dancefloors, a growing movement that has already spread to over fifty cities around the globe.

Foxy Moron (UK)

Hannah Catherine Jones aka Foxy Moron is a London-based artist, researcher, radio presenter, composer and conductor, and founder of Peckham Chamber Orchestra, creating works that juxtapose ancient musical modalities with sci-fi timbres to produce what she calls ‘sonic antagonisms’.

Emily Bick / The Wire (UK)

Emily Bick, deputy editor at The Wire, is a music writer, web and technology specialist, and media and cultural studies lecturer.