'gender activist' articles

Ziúr (DE)

Ziúr is a Berlin-based DJ/producer dedicated to combining different sonic textures and brainy beats into a functional dancefloor framework clearly intended for loud soundsystems.

Marta Forsberg (SE)

Marta Forsberg is a Swedish composer, sound artist and violinist working in the field of installation art, drone music and free improvisation. Dedicated to creating an all embracing environment, Forsberg’s work extends the sensory realm through multichannel expansion and via light sculptures into a sonic visualisation.

Reni Hofmüller (AT)

Reni Hofmüller focuses on art in technological contexts and is especially interested in the relationship between art, technology and society. Reni has primarily focussed on sound art as her main artistic tool, and considers sound a social and participatory practice which she brings to the community.